Video Works

Closed Circuit (Work in progress)

Closed Circuit, a machinima 3D animation, explores the landscape of an abandoned prison from the perspective of a CCTV surveillance camera.

Witness (2019, work in progress)

2019 | Video | Loop | Three Channel Installation
TV monitors, microscope, telescope, raspberry pi

‘Witness’ (work in progress) is a continuation work of Machine Meditation.
This work deals with how machines perceive and recreate the world through the lens of their own eyes.

Artist Statement
The machine records the world; it is a witness to the world.
The machine recreates the image of the world; it is the creator of the world.
The machine expands the human vision; it is an expansion of human eyes.
How the images of the world are recorded, recreated and expanded through the lens of the machine.

Nest (2019 Summer)

Path (2019 Summer)

Monocular (2019 Summer)

Sound Walk (2019 Spring)

LOOP (2018 Fall)

Definition of LOOP (noun)
a shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself.
a structure, series, or process the end of which is connected to the beginning.

Machine Meditation (2018 Fall)

2018 | DV&16mm film | Seamless Loop | Multi Channel Installation
Monitor, iMac, Laptop, Tablet PC, Smart phone

‘Machine Meditation’ is the first video installation work I made during the first semester in 2018. With typical objects found in a Buddhist temple, like incense and sitting cushions, the space resembles a religious temple. In this space, computer monitors take the place of religious statues. Through this video installation, I address my belief that machines have their own consciousness.