Futureless Things (2014)


2014 | DCP | 108min | 2.35:1 | Fiction

An affectionate and delightful comedy of manners, structured in 13 episodes, Futureless Things chronicles 24 hours in the intertwined lives of young clerks working at the same convenience store, and brings into the spotlight the private joys and tears of usually invisible people.


The one-day happenings in convenience store from 10 am to 10 pm. A convenience store is one of the places that you can’t live without in modern society. It is a post office, bank, restaurant, and is the place where the art of Capitalism is perfectly realized; to make people produce and consume constantly. In this wonderland, we meet part-timers; a university student, an indie musician, a lesbian, a North Korean defector, a jobless, their boss and customers who come and go like ghosts. The film consists of 13 episodes, and the part-timers in each episode look similar in the same uniform. Through those similar, yet different beings, the film studies the relation between reality and illusion, love and break-up, and individual and society of our days.