Me and Doll-playing (2004)

2004 | DV | 19min | 4:3 | Documentary

This autobiographical short depicts the life experience of a gay boy who confronts his childhood past. For him, playing with dolls is not merely as simple as a playtime choice. The director captures lots of daily objects in real life, portraying them in a realistic manner but also creating an intense, unique effect.


I like to play with a doll when I was young. I did make up at my mom’s dressing table. It was like playing at playground to other kids and I did wear a skirt and shoes and went outside to play. However, everything had been changed since I went to school there was certain rules at school.

Intention Note

With film, I tried to reflex dual gender system and heterosexuality oriented society through playing in my childhood and the people whom I’ve met in my teen period.