Faceless Things (2005)

2005 | DV | 65min | 4:3 | Fiction&Documentary

A sensational film. Sensational in its almost rigid form that is only made up of three shots. Also sensational in its detailed presentation of sadomasochistic sex games. The kind of games that can get out of hand. Games with shit too.


The film is made up of three fairly separate sections that share their tone, masks and aesthetics, but within which the actions and characters differ. The section comprises one single shot. The first part is a kind of restaging of an encounter shot with a hidden camera between a father with secret desires and a schoolboy who rents his body. The acted scene is very realistic and differs possibly only in style from sadomasochist gay porn. The second section will be regarded as even more shocking. The sadomasochism has an outspoken scatological component (excrement, in other words). The last part is very short and surprisingly different. The director is uncompromising and original, to put it mildly, but really you should say that only a real talent could bring an autobiographical experiment like this to a good end.   (GjZ)